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Rename Custom Post Type Labels automatically with the Post Type Name as base

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Disable all native elements

The possibility to show only the elements which are created with the Bricks Widget Creator.
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Multi Select Field

Possibility to have a multi-select field
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Query Loop

Would be usefull to have the possibility to enable the Use Query Loop on the widget created by Bricks Widget Creator
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Autosave functionality while working on the creator
Bricks Widget Creator|
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Dynamic Variables

Would be awesome to have some dynamic data variables like post or WooCommerce data which we can use in the editor. Simple example: [post_title]

Implemented Ideas (The Latest 50)

Units for Number field

Live view


Nestable elements

Icon Field

Actual PHP

Repeater Field

Move Snippet

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Slider Control

Live Preview of Bricks Groups and Controls

Advanced Widget Controls

Plugin Header

Automatic IDs

Dimension Field

More Payment Options

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Advanced Select Fields

Conditional Logic in Code Editor

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