Road Map Project: Bricks Widget Creator

Conditional Display inside Builder

Would be nice (especially for handing over to customers), to be able to hide fields via conditional logic inside of the builder.

VSC Integration

Would be great if WP Monkey could be integrated into Visual Studio Code.

Image Gallery Control

Would be awesome to have the Image Gallery control too in addiction to Image control.



Woocommerce Hooks/Filters

Add the woocommerce hooks & filters to the Hooks Generator

Disable all native elements

The possibility to show only the elements which are created with the Bricks Widget Creator.

Live view

Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to make the builder with a live view like you have in codepen. Would make things


A “conditions” system for controls would be very useful. Ex.: if checkbox_1 is ON show text_field_1

Query Control

Add Query Control to the list of possible controls already presents

Nestable elements

Would be great if instead of inputs we could utilize the core bricks components. So I want to create a card element that’s using a

Icon Field

Add the field to select a icon.

Actual PHP

Using only HTML and basic conditions is quite limiting. I didn’t even create my first widget because I need some php in my module –

Custom woocommerce checkout fields

Add custom fields (select, radio, check box and conditional fields) to woocommerce checkout fields, to get extra and custom data from customers

Login/register, dynamic tags

Hi I am happy with ur wonderful plugin and i have some features requests First the best source for getting idea is idea board of

Repeater Field

Would be very usefull to have some kind of “repeater” to create, for example, slides in a custom slider created with Bricks Widget Creator. Like

Query Loop

Would be usefull to have the possibility to enable the Use Query Loop on the widget created by Bricks Widget Creator

WooCommerce Integration

Would be awesome to have a WooCommerce Integration for the Bricks Widget Creator

Slider Control

Add Slider Control for the Bricks Widget Creator

Advanced Widget Controls

Add more options to control widgets that are created so it’s more in line with defAult core builder element control options like typography, alignment, direction,

Plugin Header

We need to set a static Plugin Header with all related informations.


Autosave functionality while working on the creator

Automatic IDs

Automatically create the field’s ID based on the label (converted to camelCase and eliminating invalid characters) when the ID field gets focus.

Dimension Field

Need a dimension-type field, one that combines a numeric field with a selection of the units, so one can choose 24px or 60% with the

Dynamic Variables

Would be awesome to have some dynamic data variables like post or WooCommerce data which we can use in the editor. Simple example: [post_title]

Advanced Select Fields

The possibility to choose different key and value strings for select fields, for example: key|value

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