WordPress Generators

Overview of our WordPress Generators

We are constantly working on new generators to make WordPress development even easier for you. Here you can find an overview of our current generators.

Menu Generator

With the Menu Generator you can quickly create one or more menus

WP Query Generator

Create your custom WordPress Queries in five minutes

Post Type Generator

With this generator you can quickly create your own Post Types

Hooks Generator

A powerful tool to manipulate or create WordPress content

Shortcode Generator

Create your custom WordPress Shortcodes with different options

Widget Generator

A powerful tool to create your own WordPress Widget

Dashboard Widget Generator

Create your own Dashboard Widget for client projects

Sidebar Generator

Register all sidebars you need in your own WordPress Theme

Cron Job Generator

Schedule custom Cron Jobs with this generator

Theme Header Generator

Create the Meta information for your theme header comfortable

Plugin Header Generator

Create the Meta information for your theme header comfortable

Meta-Box Generator

Create professional Meta-Boxes for your project

We also have useful tools

We don't just have standard WordPress generators to help you generate code for your current project quickly and easily. We also program helpful tools that not only generate lines of code, but complete files based on your specified content. You can find our current tools listed below. Try them out and see the results for yourself.

Plugin Generator

Type in your plugin details and download your individual generated files. This is a powerful boilerplate with which you can start programming your Plugin

Elementor Widget Creator

This generator automatically creates a plugin with your custom Elementor widgets inside.

Bricks Widget Creator

Create your own Widgets for the amazing Bricks Page Builder very fast.

Are you a WordPress Developer?

Then WP-Monkey will help you to write clean code that adheres closely to the WordPress Codex for your projects and save a lot of time. This platform offers you everything in one. It's not just the generators themselves. If you are working on different projects or for different customers, WP-Monkey offers you the possibility to create projects and to assign WordPress generators to your projects in a clear way. So you can adapt and update your projects at any time and continue working on them later. Convince yourself of the innovative generators and try WP-Monkey now.

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