WP-Monkey offers you high quality WordPress generators. With WP-Monkey you can create high quality WordPress code based on individual parameters. So you can shorten the development time significantly.

It would be good if you have basic knowledge of PHP and are somewhat familiar with the WordPress architecture. WP-Monkey is a tool that will speed up your programming. However, we recommend that everyone understands the code that is generated. This will also help you to find bugs.

No, you do not need an account to use the generators. However, a free account offers you many advantages, such as creating projects to which you can assign ready-made generated code and saving generators as a favorite.

The code can be integrated into your project. Most of our generators produce code that you can include in the functions.php file of your theme. Afterwards it should immediately have the expected effect. If you develope a plugin, you can paste the code in your plugin file.

You can contact us for this at any time at hello@wp-monkey.com.
We are looking forward to your message! 🙂

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