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Are you also a WordPress developer or just about to become one? Then this tool is quite interesting for you. With WP-Monkey you can create high quality WordPress code based on individual parameters. So you can shorten the development time significantly.

Features that take you further

WP-Monkey has very useful features. I´m sure you know it. You write a new post type, but in the course of development you realize that there are still some data to be adjusted. How annoying it would be if you had to create the generator with all the data from scratch every time to generate the new version of the code. In WP-Monkey you can create different projects and assign used generators to these projects. If you find out later that something needs to be changed, you can open the latest version, make your changes and save the new version. Useful, right?

Project Management

In WP-Monkey you can create different projects and assign used generators to these projects. This is very useful if you want to change some parameters in your created code.

Innovative Generators

The generators are innovative and generate the code live while you type in your data. So as a WordPress developer you can follow everything that happens and even learn something.

Save time!

With WP-Monkey you can save a lot of time. For the time that you save, you can do things that you would otherwise never find time for. Like filing taxes or something… Just a thought. 😉

Fresh Design

Working with WP-Monkey is really effective and efficient due to the well thought-out and beautiful design. Everything is in the right place, so you don’t have to look for anything. Here you concentrate on developing.

Your advantages with WP-Monkey

Write clean code

WP-Monkey helps you to write clean code for your projects. The code is based on the official WordPress codex.


Developed with love

Helpful Boilerplates

Create your own plugins with the boilerplates from WP-Monkey, which gives you a perfect code base for your next project.

New: Create your own Elementor Widget with one click!

Easy to use

You only need to enter a few details, such as the name of the plugin and the desired plugin functions.

Absolutely individual

The system generates a completely individual plugin for you. You do not have to replace anything afterwards.

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